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Speeches (Lines) for Garter
in "Henry VIII"

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(stage directions). [Enter trumpets, sounding; then two Aldermen, Lord]
Mayor, Garter, CRANMER, NORFOLK with his marshal's
staff, SUFFOLK, two Noblemen bearing great
standing-bowls for the christening-gifts; then
four Noblemen bearing a canopy, under which the
Duchess of Norfolk, godmother, bearing the child
richly habited in a mantle, &c., train borne by a
Lady; then follows the Marchioness Dorset, the
other godmother, and Ladies. The troop pass once
about the stage, and Garter speaks]

Garter. Heaven, from thy endless goodness, send prosperous
life, long, and ever happy, to the high and mighty
princess of England, Elizabeth!