Speeches (Lines) for Lord Hastings
in "Henry VI, Part III"

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Marquess of Montague. Yet, to have join'd with France in such alliance
Would more have strengthen'd this our commonwealth
'Gainst foreign storms than any home-bred marriage.

Lord Hastings. Why, knows not Montague that of itself
England is safe, if true within itself?



Marquess of Montague. But the safer when 'tis back'd with France.

Lord Hastings. 'Tis better using France than trusting France:
Let us be back'd with God and with the seas
Which He hath given for fence impregnable,
And with their helps only defend ourselves;
In them and in ourselves our safety lies.



Marquess of Montague. So God help Montague as he proves true!

Lord Hastings. And Hastings as he favours Edward's cause!



King Edward IV (Plantagenet). But whither shall we then?

Lord Hastings. To Lynn, my lord,
And ship from thence to Flanders.



King Edward IV (Plantagenet). Tush, man, abodements must not now affright us:
By fair or foul means we must enter in,
For hither will our friends repair to us.

Lord Hastings. My liege, I'll knock once more to summon them.



Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). [Aside] But when the fox hath once got in his nose,
He'll soon find means to make the body follow.

Lord Hastings. Why, master mayor, why stand you in a doubt?
Open the gates; we are King Henry's friends.



Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). A wise stout captain, and soon persuaded!

Lord Hastings. The good old man would fain that all were well,
So 'twere not 'long of him; but being enter'd,
I doubt not, I, but we shall soon persuade
Both him and all his brothers unto reason.



King Edward IV (Plantagenet). When we grow stronger, then we'll make our claim:
Till then, 'tis wisdom to conceal our meaning.

Lord Hastings. Away with scrupulous wit! now arms must rule.



Marquess of Montague. Ay, now my sovereign speaketh like himself;
And now will I be Edward's champion.

Lord Hastings. Sound trumpet; Edward shall be here proclaim'd:
Come, fellow-soldier, make thou proclamation.

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