Speeches (Lines) for Second Carrier
in "Henry IV, Part I"

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(stage directions). [Enter another Carrier]

Second Carrier. Peas and beans are as dank here as a dog, and that
is the next way to give poor jades the bots: this
house is turned upside down since Robin Ostler died.



First Carrier. Poor fellow, never joyed since the price of oats
rose; it was the death of him.

Second Carrier. I think this be the most villanous house in all
London road for fleas: I am stung like a tench.



First Carrier. Like a tench! by the mass, there is ne'er a king
christen could be better bit than I have been since
the first cock.

Second Carrier. Why, they will allow us ne'er a jordan, and then we
leak in your chimney; and your chamber-lie breeds
fleas like a loach.



First Carrier. What, ostler! come away and be hanged!

Second Carrier. I have a gammon of bacon and two razors of ginger,
to be delivered as far as Charing-cross.



Gadshill. I pray thee, lend me thine.

Second Carrier. Ay, when? can'st tell? Lend me thy lantern, quoth
he? marry, I'll see thee hanged first.



Gadshill. Sirrah carrier, what time do you mean to come to London?

Second Carrier. Time enough to go to bed with a candle, I warrant
thee. Come, neighbour Mugs, we'll call up the
gentleman: they will along with company, for they
have great charge.

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