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First Folio of Shakespeare at the University of Chicago (USA)
Full-text searching of their First Folio text, with a few extras such as searching within genres and proximity searches.

First Web Folio Edition at
Only offers simple keyword searching. Texts based on the Complete Moby Shakespeare edition.

The Oxford Shakespeare (1914) at
Includes line numbering and keyword searching. Also has notes for non-modern words and word usage.

Internet Shakespeare Editions at the University of Victoria (Canada)
Original spelling, line numbering embedded in text. Includes multiple folio/quarto versions of the texts.

The Works of the Bard at the University of Sydney (Australia)
Over a decade old, and still the most powerful free search apparatus on the Internet. Many of the features on Open Source Shakespeare are duplications of the search engine; in many ways, when OSS is complete, it will be an enhancement of TWOTB's existing features in a more user-friendly packaging. Its main problem is the arcane search syntax, which few will take the time to master.

Commercial sites

The management does not endorse any of these sites; they are presented for comparison. That means we're trying to show you what you get on this site for free.

Chadwyck-Healey Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare
This informational page shows how you could search the Chadwyck-Healey collection — assuming your institution subscribes to it.

Shakespeare Database Project
Outdated and apparently under-developed, the Shakespeare Database Project is nevertheless the most ambitious compilation of Shakespeare's plays. (See the database's complexity for yourself.) Not being a philologist, I am unfamiliar with many of the terms they use, but I gather that every word in the texts is parsed and categorized a zillion different ways.

Text collections

Complete Moby Shakespeare at MIT
Public domain HTML versions of the plays, but no poems. There's a note on the site saying, "The poetry and other services, including the search engine and forums, will return shortly," but visitors might be skeptical because the note is dated November 13, 2000.

First Folio facsimile: Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image
Exactly what it sounds like: photographic images of the First Folio.

Gutenberg Project
Many, many Shakespeare texts, free for personal use. Some are even in German. (Scroll down to see Gutenberg's complete list of Shakespeare's works.)

Other good Shakespeare sites

British Shakespeare Association
Founded in August 2003, the British Shakespeare Association (under the patronage of Dame Judi Dench) unites scholars and actors in order to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of their namesake.

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