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in "Titus Andronicus"

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Marcus Andronicus. O Publius, is not this a heavy case,
To see thy noble uncle thus distract?

Publius. Therefore, my lord, it highly us concerns
By day and night to attend him carefully,
And feed his humour kindly as we may,
Till time beget some careful remedy.



Titus Andronicus. Publius, how now! how now, my masters!
What, have you met with her?

Publius. No, my good lord; but Pluto sends you word,
If you will have Revenge from hell, you shall:
Marry, for Justice, she is so employ'd,
He thinks, with Jove in heaven, or somewhere else,
So that perforce you must needs stay a time.



(stage directions). [Enter PUBLIUS and others]

Publius. What is your will?



Titus Andronicus. Know you these two?

Publius. The empress' sons, I take them, Chiron and Demetrius.



Chiron. Villains, forbear! we are the empress' sons.

Publius. And therefore do we what we are commanded.
Stop close their mouths, let them not speak a word.
Is he sure bound? look that you bind them fast.
[Re-enter TITUS, with LAVINIA; he bearing a knife,]
and she a basin]

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