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in "Henry V"

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Constable of France. Yet do I not use my horse for my mistress, or any
such proverb so little kin to the purpose.

Rambures. My lord constable, the armour that I saw in your tent
to-night, are those stars or suns upon it?



Constable of France. I will not say so, for fear I should be faced out of
my way: but I would it were morning; for I would
fain be about the ears of the English.

Rambures. Who will go to hazard with me for twenty prisoners?



Duke of Orleans. The Dauphin longs for morning.

Rambures. He longs to eat the English.



Duke of Orleans. That they lack; for if their heads had any
intellectual armour, they could never wear such heavy

Rambures. That island of England breeds very valiant
creatures; their mastiffs are of unmatchable courage.



Lewis the Dauphin. Mount them, and make incision in their hides,
That their hot blood may spin in English eyes,
And dout them with superfluous courage, ha!

Rambures. What, will you have them weep our horses' blood?
How shall we, then, behold their natural tears?

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