Speeches (Lines) for Second Bandit
in "Timon of Athens"

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First Bandit. Where should he have this gold? It is some poor
fragment, some slender sort of his remainder: the
mere want of gold, and the falling-from of his
friends, drove him into this melancholy.

Second Bandit. It is noised he hath a mass of treasure.



Third Bandit. Let us make the assay upon him: if he care not
for't, he will supply us easily; if he covetously
reserve it, how shall's get it?

Second Bandit. True; for he bears it not about him, 'tis hid.



Banditti. Where?

Second Bandit. 'Tis his description.



First Bandit. 'Tis in the malice of mankind that he thus advises
us; not to have us thrive in our mystery.

Second Bandit. I'll believe him as an enemy, and give over my trade.

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