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Speeches (Lines) for Sir Oliver Martext
in "As You Like It"

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Touchstone. Amen. A man may, if he were of a fearful heart, stagger
in this attempt; for here we have no temple but the wood, no
assembly but horn-beasts. But what though? Courage! As horns are
odious, they are necessary. It is said: 'Many a man knows no end
of his goods.' Right! Many a man has good horns and knows no end
of them. Well, that is the dowry of his wife; 'tis none of his
own getting. Horns? Even so. Poor men alone? No, no; the noblest
deer hath them as huge as the rascal. Is the single man therefore
blessed? No; as a wall'd town is more worthier than a village, so
is the forehead of a married man more honourable than the bare
brow of a bachelor; and by how much defence is better than no
skill, by so much is horn more precious than to want. Here comes
Sir Oliver.
Sir Oliver Martext, you are well met. Will you dispatch us here
under this tree, or shall we go with you to your chapel?

Sir Oliver Martext. Is there none here to give the woman?



Touchstone. I will not take her on gift of any man.

Sir Oliver Martext. Truly, she must be given, or the marriage is not lawful.



Touchstone. Come, sweet Audrey;
We must be married or we must live in bawdry.
Farewell, good Master Oliver. Not-
O sweet Oliver,
O brave Oliver,
Leave me not behind thee.
Wind away,
Begone, I say,
I will not to wedding with thee.

Sir Oliver Martext. 'Tis no matter; ne'er a fantastical knave of them all
shall flout me out of my calling. Exit